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Welcome to the official SneakerSexItaly website

Welcome to the official website: SNEAKERSEXITALY.IT

SneakerSexItaly was born on September 3, 2006 from an idea of its founder Oreste, curator of the contents of this site.
The very first party was organized at the end of the same month during 2006.
The first international party was organized in May 2009 and was very successful from the start.


Our Parties

SneakerSexItaly regularly organizes themed parties, dedicated to men's feet and, obviously, to sneakers shoes.
Our parties are organized monthly, while twice a year we organize an international party where people from all over Europe come to visit us.
Lots of beautiful people, music, cocktails, feet, socks and sneakers ensure maximum fun for everyone!
Our parties are an excellent opportunity to meet new people with the same passion for men's feet and sneakers.
We are normally located in Milan, Italy, but we take the opportunity from time to time to travel to other Italian locations and find new enthusiasts.
Check out all our upcoming events.

Our Socks

Made to be given as gifts during our 10 year anniversary, due to continued demand our beloved socks are now on sale here on the official website!
For true enthusiasts and connoisseurs, don't miss them! You can find them on the page dedicated to our Sniff My Sneax socks.

Our Mission

Unite all men's sneaker lovers and above all, keep them entertained!
Continue to visit our website to stay updated on upcoming events!
Follow us on social media and contact us for any eventuality, we are always at your disposal.
Thank you for your support!

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