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Thank you!

The 22nd International Sneaker & Foot Weekend

International Sneaker & Foot Weekend Thank you International Sneaker & Foot Weekend Thank you

Hi Guys,
I'd like to give BIG thanks to all the people who took part in this 22nd Edition of The International Sneaker & Foot Weekend!

This was, among the Autumn editions, the most attended and the second ever!

We spent together two wonderful Nights + one amazing Afternoon!
Crazy fun and action since the beginning of the night until closing time and beyond.

I also want to thank:

  • - Damiano, the manager of Hot Dog Club Milano, with all his staff and the reinforcement engaged for the occasion
  • - Damiano, again, along with Ossama, with whom we decorated the Club
  • - Stefano, who has carried the Hotel guests with the shuttle for 2 nights until 5:00 forwarded, and Paolino for the reinforcement brought on Friday evening
  • - Alessandro for the pictures
  • - Davide from the Inferus Club, who always and strongly wants to host our Party, and all of his staff members. This Sunday afternoon was really hot, and the pasta was delicious
  • - Nick, who kindly offered his image for this 22nd Edition

But the GREATEST THANKS are, of course, for YOU ALL guys!
The success of this Event, in the end, is always because of YOU.

The appointment with the Monthly Party is scheduled on December 20th!

SneakerSexItaly Admin

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