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Sneaker & Foot SexParty Friday 31 March 2023

Sniff My Sneax Inferus Club

Pietro Salaris will be the guest of honor for this Party. His presence will warm up the atmosphere and please the luckiest tongues! 👅

ARCO Card required

If you don't have this card, you will be able to make it at the club, under a presentation of a valid document (ID, passport or drive licence).
The cost of the card is 17€ for all ARCO/Anddos affiliated clubs in Italy or 10€ for just the Inferus Club.
Both cards are valid for 12 months from the subscription.

From 22:30 to 4:00

Inferus Club - Via Giovanni Paisiello, 4, 20131 Milano MI, Italia Google Maps Entrance only under dress-code: Sneakers with... Sportswear, Streetwear, Soccer, Shorts, Skater, Jeans & Tshirt, Lycra... No "Fashion", No Perfume.
Entry Price: €15 with one drink and wardrobe included.
On List*: Two drinks included.

* You can join the List within the day of the Party at 21:30, sending an e-mail to
The SneakerSexItaly Gayromeo club's Members can also join the List with a message to the Admin or on the club's forum about the Party.
Every member can add as much as 2 friends, telling us their names or nicknames.

The International Sneaker & Foot Weekend Sneaker & Foot SexParty Sniff My Sneax