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Sniff My Sneax

Sneaker & Foot SexParty Friday 26 June 2020

Sniff My Sneax Hot Dog Club
ARCO/Anddos Card required

If you don't have this card, you will be able to make it at the club, under a presentation of a valid document (ID, passport or drive licence).
The cost of the card is 17€ for all ARCO/Anddos affiliated clubs in Italy or 10€ for just the Hot Dog Club.
Both cards are valid for 12 months from the subscription.

From 22:30 to 4:00

Hot Dog Club Milano - Via Oropa, 3, 20132 Milano MI, Italia Google Maps Party Entrance only under dress-code: Sneakers, with... Sportswear, Streetwear, Soccer, Shorts, Skater, Jeans & Tshirt, Lycra... No "Fashion", No Perfume.
Entry Price: €14 with one drink and wardrobe included.
On List*: Two drinks included.

* You can join the List within the day of the Party at 21:30, sending an e-mail to
The SneakerSexItaly Gayromeo club's Members can also join the List with a message to the Admin or on the club's forum about the Party.
Every member can add as much as 2 friends, telling us their names or nicknames.

The International Sneaker & Foot Weekend Sneaker & Foot SexParty Sniff My Sneax