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Sniff My Sneax Socks by SneakerSexItaly

Our beautiful SNIFF MY SNEAX socks have been created to celebrate the 10 YEARS of SneakerSexItaly activity, from 2006 to 2016! In fact, they were offered as a gift to all the participants during The International Sneaker & Foot Weekend in 2016.

Given the continuous and numerous requests to get these socks, we decided to make them available to everyone by selling them here on our official website. The socks are therefore now available for purchase!

Payment and Socks details

Our socks are:
Made in Italy
One Size
For Men

The cost is 10 euro (€) per pair, plus shipping costs. Payment must be made only via PayPal ( The socks are sold throughout the world, including non-EU countries such as Switzerland. Shipping costs may vary from country to country. The socks are also sold at each of our events in Milan.


If you are interested in buying them online, send your request by email to, specifying:
- Number of pairs requested (1, 2 or more)
- Your ZIP code and city (in order to calculate the total price including shipping)

We will reply with an email indicating the final cost and payment information. If you agree, you can continue with the payment, after which we will send the requested socks.


If you want you can take a picture with our socks worn and post it on your social networks with the hashtag #sniffmysneaxsocks, we are curious to see how they will fit you! ;-)
You can also show them to us by posting the picture on our Facebook page.

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